Thursday Skate Night

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Skate for free on the Cons Bowl each Thursday night.

If you haven't skated it already, Boardertown Queenstown is home to the Cons Bowl - a four foot bowl with six foot extension.

Every Thursday night the store is open until 9pm we open up the bowl for anyone to skate for free from 6pm - 9pm. Head down to the store, check out the biggest range of skateboards and snowboards in the Queenstown/Lakes District and have a jam on the Cons Bowl.

Boardertown Queenstown
Unit 6, 34 Grant Road
Five Mile


Every Thursday 6 - 9pm

Capita Mothership

Capita Mothership

The future of snowboard manufacturing

The future of snowboard manufacturing has opened in Austria.  Featuring some of the most advanced and unique machinery available, the Mothership from Capita produces some of the world's most advanced snowboards.

The factory itself is carbon-neutral, operates using hydro-power and uses ammonia as a heating source, and any off-cuts from the wood cores are treated and used as a heating source by locals.  

Making it more rad, much of the technology has been developed in-house by Capita themselves, making the factory totally unique.

Along with Capita, the Mothership also manufactures boards for Bataleon and Lobster Snowboards.

Capita, Bataleon and Lobster 2017 models will be available in Boardertown stores in Auckland and Queenstown, and online shortly.