House of Vans Auckland

House of Vans auckland

Skateboarding, Music, Street Market, Photography & Art come to Auckland

House of Vans Auckland

Vans is bringing their legendary House of Vans to Auckland this weekend.  In association with Boardertown, the House of Vans will bring together skateboarding, music, art and culture to Shed 10 in Auckland. 

Join us for live music from the Bleeders and Soaked Oats. Skateboarding demos from the Vans team.  Get lessons from Young Guns Skate School. Get the inside word on skate photography with Manual Magazine. Design your own Vans shoes or get a tattoo from Two Hands.  Hit the street market and grab HoV exclusive deals on skateboards from Boardertown.  Hit the image below for more details and to book your tickets now.    

House of Vans
Shed 10, 89 Quay Street
20th January
10am - 10pm

Converse One Star BBQ Tour

converse bbq one star tour

Converse CONS announce New Zealand dates for BBQ One Star Tour

Converse One Star BBQ Tour

Boardertown in association with Manual Magazine is proud to present the New Zealand leg of the Converse CONS BBQ One Star Tour.  

During the tour, Converse Skateboarding ambassadors, including Kenny Anderson, Mike Anderson, Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Aaron Herrington, Zered Bassett, Jake Johnson, Bobby De Keyzer, Al Davis and Brian Delatorre along with local athletes Andrew Brophy, Dean Palmer and Bryce Golder will visit Boardertown College Hill for an in-store signing followed by a demo at Auckland's Victoria Park Skate Park.

When: November 15th 2016 from 3.30pm
Where: Boardertown College Hill // Victoria Park Skatepark

Sean Pablo for Converse

Lucas Beaufort // College Hill Art Installation

Lucas Beaufort instore

Internationally renowned artist Lucas Beaufort visits Boardertown College Hill

Skateboarding has always walked hand in hand with the art community.  Art has influenced skateboarding and skateboarders have influenced art.  The rise of social media has allowed for artists to connect to the skateboard community in new ways.  French artist Lucas Beaufort knows this too well.  His unique take on art and his series of prints created on skateboard photography has been embraced around the globe.  Through this Lucas has embarked on a trip around the world, leaving his mark on skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders.  Thanks to Converse, the Boardertown College Hill team were lucky enough to have Lucas stop by and create an artwork to hang in store.  

The new artwork is hanging in store and is open to view during store hours.

Where: Boardertown College Hill, 3 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland

Huf X Chocolate

huf x chocolate

Huf 2016 Fall Range

For Fall 2016, HUF Worldwide builds upon its skate origins drawing inspiration from traditional American heritage. A wide-ranging collection of high quality apparel, footwear and accessories are created for all aspects of the season.

Reflecting downtown city streets, an athletic-inspired, technical concrete-print collection captures skateboarding and its urban landscape.

This season, HUF continues to collaborate with long time skate friends. A partnership with Chocolate Skateboards celebrates “Forever,” commemorating the legacy of long-time friend Keenan Milton through a capsule collection. 

Bridging skateboarding and Americana influences, the HUF Fall 2016 collection offers long-lasting products of superior craftsmanship.

Almost x Hanna Barbera

Almost x hanna barbera

Almost Skateboards has teamed up with cartoon legends Hanna Barbera for a limited release of skateboard decks featuring Tom & Jerry, Muttley, Captain Caveman, Droopy and Yogi Bear.  Each deck is constructed using Almost's Resin construction on 100% 7 ply maple and come with a stained two-tone bottom veneer.

Available online at and in store at Boardertown Botany, College Hill and Queenstown now.

Shop New Zealand's biggest range of skateboards online now.  

Almost X DC Comics Suicide Squad

almost x dc suicide squad

Almost Skateboards and DC Comics team up for Suicide Squad skateboard series

DC Comics has teamed up with Almost Skateboards for a series of Justice League Suicide Squad skateboard decks.  Each deck features a different character including The Joker, Two-Face and Harley Quinn.  Each deck has laser etched detailing and are manufactured with 7-ply canadian maple using Almost's R7 construction.

Boardertown has New Zealand's biggest range of skateboard gear from brands including Real Skateboards, Palace, Primitive, Thunder, Venture, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels and Bones.  Shop the complete range of skateboards online and in stores now.  Sign up and get 10% off all skateboard gear.

About Almost Skateboards - Almost Skateboards is a United States skateboard company founded by professional skateboarders and business partners, Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen.

About DC Comics - DC Comics, Inc. is an American comic book publisher. It is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment, a company of Warner Bros. Entertainment, a division of Time Warner.

Gear Check - Gloves & Mitts

Gear check - gloves & Mitts

Get it right when it comes to choosing the right gloves or mitts.

We have one of the largest selections of snowboard gloves and mittens in New Zealand and knowledgeable staff that can offer expert advice.

Gloves and mitts are some of the most important accessories for skiing and snowboarding. Getting the right pair for you may seem simple but there are some important differences.  Cold hands can ruin your day on the mountain.  Getting gloves that are specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding will help you stay warm, dry and have features necessary for a day on the hill.  This guide will help you understand differences in materials and features that will make skiing and snowboarding that little bit better.

To get your hands on the ideal gloves or mitts you will want to consider:

-       Gloves or Mittens
-       Warmth
-       Outer Material
-       Membrane
-       Insulation
-       Lining
-       Palm
-       Cuff Length
-       Features
-       Size and Fit

Gloves VS Mitts

This is the first decision you will make.  Do you prefer the dexterity and movement of gloves or the warmth and style of mittens?  There are gloves and mitts for all conditions.  Brands will often manufacture gloves and mittens with the same features (like the Burton Gore-Tex Glove and Burton Gore-Tex Mitten).  

Gloves give you better dexterity and movement, making it easier to do up your ratchets on you bindings, get into zips and adjust your goggle strap.  Mittens provide superior warmth.  Because your fingers are together in one compartment the generate more heat, however mittens limit mobility making it difficult to do some tasks.  

Another option is a trigger mitt which has a separate index finger, allowing you to get the dexterity of a glove with the warmth of a mitt.

Shop Mens Gloves & Mittens
Shop Womens Gloves & Mittens 

Gloves and mittens vary in the amount of warmth they provide.  Finding a pair that fits your needs is important.  Depending on where you are snowboarding – Mt Ruapehu, Queenstown, Japan or Alaska – is going to affect the level of warmth you will need.  Warmer conditions will require a thinner glove while colder conditions will mean having a more insulated glove.  Added to this, some people tend to get colder hands and will require a warmer glove in all conditions.

The warmth of a glove or mitten is reliant on the outer material (shell), type and level of insulation and how waterproof and breathable a glove is, after all, a dry glove is a warm glove!

Outer Material (Synthetic VS Leather)
Synthetic – Many ski and snowboard gloves and mittens are made from a synthetic fabric, normally nylon.  Higher quality models use waterproof breathable fabric with a membrane or coating such as ePTFE/Teflon or PU/Polyurethane.  At the top end, Gore-Tex models include a separate ePFTE insert (known as a membrane) between the outer fabric and insulation.  Fabrics can come in a hard and softshell with softshell fabrics more common in gloves and mittens designed for warmer conditions.

Leather – Leather gloves and mittens are a harder wearing option.  Normally made from cowhide or goatskin, they are more durable and flexible than synthetic materials.  Leather is naturally water-resistant and when treated and combined with a membrane, leather can be a good option for a waterproof, windproof, warm and durable option.  When maintained correctly with leather treatments, leather gloves and mittens can last for years.

Wet hands are cold hands.  The major cause of wet gloves is from sweat and a lack of breathability from the inside of the gloves and mittens.  In a waterproof, breathable glove the membrane is inserted between the outer layer and insulation and has very small pores that prevent moisture from entering but allow vapor (sweat) to esape making it a 2-way fabric.  How waterproof and breathable a glove is depends largely on the membrane.

There are many good waterproofing membranes including:

Gore-Tex – Gore-Tex typically offers the highest level of waterproof breathability.

Hipora – Hipora fabrics are waterproof, windproof and breathable.  It is a stretchable material making it more flexible than other options.

Polyurethane – Most waterproof and breathable fabrics have a laminated membrane of PU (polyurethane).  PU fabrics offer a good value solution for waterproof and breathability.

Finding the right level of insulation is important.  Properly insulated gloves provide improved warmth and breathability while allowing for improved movement and fit.  How cold it is where you are going to be skiing or snowboarding will affect the level of insulation required and you may want more than one pair.  

Different types of insulation include:

Down – Made from natural feathers and plumules, down traps air which helps keep your hands warm.  Higher rated down improve warmth while reducing weight and volume.  Down is incredibly warm when dry but if wet it can reduce its effectiveness and be slow to dry.Primaloft - Primaloft uses a synthetic microfiber insulation material to help the body retain warmth and conserve heat. This is a very good insulation choice in wet conditions and although Primaloft is not as warm as down by weight, but it’s breathable, compressible, water resistant and provides good insulation even when wet.

Thinsulate - Made of ultra thin microfibers, Thinsulate insulation from 3M has excellent insulating properties with less bulk, making it ideal for use in glove and mittens where dexterity and movement is important.

The glove lining is a layer of material built in for comfort and to help increase warmth.  Gloves and mittens are often lined with fleece or wool and often have moisture-wicking properties to help keep sweat away from your skin and to pass it through the breathable membrane.

Another good option is a removable liner such as a Burton Powerstretch Liner or Mons Royale Volta Glove Liner.  Both feature moisture-wicking properties to keep hands dry and warm with the added benefit of being able to remove them for warmer conditions.


Many ski gloves and mittens have reinforced palms with added grip.  This helps protect the gloves while adding grip for binding in or holding on to snowboard edges

Cuff Length

Short or long?  Choosing cuff length comes down to personal preference.  Short Cuffs are designed to go under your jacket sleeve and can provide better mobility.  Long Cuffs feature a longer, wider fit and are designed to fit over your jacket sleeve and can prevent snow getting in.

Additional Features

Articulated Fingers – Some gloves pre-curved fingers, helping you to grip a board or chairlift bars easier.
Zippered Pockets – These can work as vents for warmer days or to put a hand warmer in on colder days.
Touch-Tech – More common now, Touch-Tech allows you to use your smartphone while keeping gloves on.

Size and Fit
Having gloves and mitts fit correctly will help with warmth, comfort and improve movement and dexterity.  A proper fitting glove should fit snuggly and allow enough room at the tips of the fingers to pinch around 5mm of fabric.  When making a fist, the glove should not be so tight that it constricts movement.

Many glove manufacturers use different fits for mens, womens and youth gloves.  Buying a gender specific glove will help with getting a correct fit.

Shop from our range of Burton, Pow and Rad gloves and mitts now.

Boardertown is New Zealand’s premier snowboard and skateboard store, offering the best range of skateboards, snowboards, footwear and apparel.

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Rider Profile - Morgan Schofield

Rider profile - morgan schofield

Park to powder - Morgan Schofield has it on lock.

Where are you from? 
Albany, Auckland

How did you get in to snowboarding and how long ago?
Mum shipped me off on a snowboard camp for a school holidays in 2005. I was hooked from the moment i made my first not so graceful falling leaf.

Where's your favourite place to ride in NZ, and overseas? 
Remarks is the spot in NZ, so much terrain to hike if you have the legs for it. Hokkaido, Japan probably the most fun I’ve had on a snowboard snaking through tree lines and sending it into bottomless landings.

What's your best travel tip for snowboard missions?
Extra socks, you can be cold hungry and tired, but there's nothing worse then wet stinky feet.

If you weren't snowboarding, what would you be doing?
Surfing.  My Whanau grew up surrounded by the ocean so it would have been only naturally to get on a different board sport.

Where do you see the future of snowboarding going, quads or carves etc?

There;s only a few guys doing quads so… Carves, grassroots snowboarding will never die!!!, Snowboarders minds are expanding on the creative side so i only see it fit that we explore every possible realm of the carve... plus anyone can do them. 

What are your goals for winter 2016, adventures or tricks etc?

My overall goal would be to pack as many adventures i can into the season, while shooting photos with some photographer pals and stacking footy for a full part. Fingers crossed all goes to plan!

What's your current setup and sponsors?
Boardertown, Capitahl, Bataleon Snowboards and Switchback Bindings.  
This season ill be boosting on a Evil Twin Asym 156 with some fresh Switchback Universe bindings for a good transition between sending booters and riding Remarks chutes. 

What's your stance, any secret tips or tweaks?
Degrees: +9, -9 degrees
Stance Width: not sure on my width... I’m short as so not very wide!

Find something that is most comfortable for you, play round with a bunch of widths and angles until you find something you like the feel of.  Everyone's is different so just play around and find whatever feels good!

If you were a cake, what kind would you be?
Cake…. nah!  Chocolate self saucing pudding - YES! 

Def X G-Shock Stealth Mode Capsule

Def X G-Shock

The Def Manufacturing X G-Shock Stealth Mode Capsule out now

Local New Zealand skateboard brand Def MFG has got together with the team at Casio/G-Shock for the Stealth Mode limited edition capsule.  Included in the release is a Stealth Mode G-Shock DW6900-1V Watch, Stealth Mode Deck and apparel.  There are only 50 each of the watch and deck produced worldwide with only 40 released to the public.  Available online and in stores at Boardertown Botany, Boardertown College Hill and Boardertown Queenstown now.  

Part One and Two of the Def X G-Shock Stealth Mode clips, filmed by Shane Lin, edited by Otiz Prinz and featuring Def team rider Jessie Boonz.